Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SavingsStar, A Great Way To Save More Money!

Join SavingStar to start saving additional money on purchases you were already going to make.  All you have to do is join, activate coupons that you may need ( I recommend activating all, just in case!) and add your drugstore and supermarket cards.  Once you purchase an item that has a Savings Star coupon, you will get a credit to your account (usually within 30 days), then when you get up to $5.00 in your account, you can cash it out via PayPal, bank deposit or other method.

 Best part is that it doesn't interfere with your other coupons or the stores coupons. So you get even more savings for little work! They even have an Android and iPhone app that lets you see what coupons you have, any new coupons and your account balance, using your phone (Sorry no Blackberry app yet)!


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